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Academica works with your current systems and leverages existing technology. It centralizes the mountains of data to learning and automates routing administrative functions. This package has education's most flexible and interactive scheduling function, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire school community in real time. And, it would be utterly simple for everyone to use.

Academica is the total managements system imagined: the first truly scalable, windows-based School Management package with the power to revolutionize the way that schools are run. School Management software is more than just another technology solution - it is an educational system that will improve the way school is managed.

           Key Benefits of Academica

> ICard Printing Facility

> Admit Card Print

> Marksheet Print

> Bulk SMS Facility

> Student Smart Search

> Auto track of Student Installment

> Auto oustanding Fees Report

> Auto Pay Slip generation for Staff

> Auto Salary Sheet generation

> At a glance display of Stock

           Key features of Academica

Connects all Education Stakeholders
School Administration system makes it easy to communicate with all of the stakeholders in the educational process: Administrator, Teachers, Students and parents. Teachers can easily access pertinent student information, generate reports, collaborate with other educators or develop lesson plans from virtually anywhere. Parents can view or be alerted to absences, grades assignments and school events. Students on grades and receive assistance outside of classroom.

Seamless, Intuitive, Easy to Implement and Use
School Administration software provides a single secure database structure that organizes stores and retrieves real-time information. It is very intuitive and uses industry-standard Microsoft Windows interface, that doesn't require a burdensome amount of staff training.

The power to manage student information.
With Student Management System, student functions such as admission, grading, discipline and family information efficiently managed. Data is entered only once and instantly available in customizable reports. Imagine the possibilities! Data of your any student can be searched by just feeding in Regn. Number.

School Management solution automates key classroom functions
In addition to a personalized password generation for each teacher, time-table generation, today's class and upcoming assignments, here are a few examples of the powerful functionality at your fingertips.

Student Profile
Educators can effortlessly view all accessible Student Records including parental information, emergency contacts, disciplinary records and more! Student photograph can be updated every year.

Attendance Chart
A single click makes a student absent or present. It generates reports of every student's attendance reviewable at any time.

Mark-sheet Generation (School Exam Management)
Mark-sheet are generated Electronically with comparison of marks of each exam. Even graphical representation is also generated.

Gives administrators power to manage efficiently.

Here are just a few examples of the broad functionality the School Management System offers on the administrative side. All school data and scheduling information of any past academic year is instantly available & every program is accompanied with perfect security.

Reports & Graphs
Any data in the systems can be analyzed, graphed and reported in the format of your choice. Administrators can effortlessly generate any type of report from their testimonials desktop using School Management System.

Examination Records
Records of every examination conducted for each standard is maintained which makes referring past data very easy.

Fees Collection
Fee vouchers are generated & fee collection program can be customized according to school's rules.

           The next generation Academica system

Education's most flexible and interactive scheduling package, the only truly scalable web -based School Management Package available.

Benefits for all education stakeholders: Teachers, administrators, students and parents.

Reports to compare an individual class performance with other class.

Lowest total cost of ownership.

Extremely secure, login authenticated system.

Manage School events event manager.

Classwise outstanding fee reports.

Maintain each student's photo album.

Accelerate and expand communications with email reports.

Online analysis of performance with a wide choice of graphs.

Integrates key functions of finance, payroll and fee collection.

Single student database for school administration and fee collection.

Built on 100% pure Microsoft Technology

            Academica screenshots

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