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Diagnosoft is a comprehensive ready to use Software designed to manage and automate the Operations of the Diagnosis Center which includes All Patient Registrations Management, Patient Lab Investigation / Sample Tests Management Stores and Inventory Management, Administration and Security which includes all Utilities, Financial Transactions which includes all Financial related Voucher Payments, Patient Cash Payments and Receipts, Finance & Accounting, Staff Management, Over 100 Individual/Summary Reports are available in Well Formatted and Printer Specific Setup. User Friendly Screens with built-in Help, with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software. Key Modules covered are listed here.

           Patient Management Module :

This module manages all Patient Registrations recording patient Medical History, Clinical Information, Chief Complaints, Treatment Plan, Nursing Notes, Investigation result update, Medical Disorders, recording various medical examinations data, and also manages Patient archives.

           Lab Investigations Module :

This module manages Investigation and tests with Test parameter setup, Administration, result entries and also comes in built-in standard test Template formats including generating well formatted Test reports.

           Stores & Inventory Module :

This module covers Setup and Administration of Items, Items Category, Item Suppliers /Vendors, Raising Purchase orders, Manage receiving’s with Purchase order and without purchase orders, along with Statement of Stock and Stock Updates and various reports including barcode label Prints.

           Utilities Module :

This module covers managing Report Header, and taking Backup of Data.

           Cash Voucher Payments :

This screen covers Payments made to Staff for Petty Cash payments towards, Test Kits and other operational Expenses and keeps track of all payments on any day, week or Month or any periodicity.

           Patient Bill Payments & Receipts :

This module manages all Patient payments of Bills and receipts partial payments, full payments, combination of payments by Cash, Credit Card, Online Payment or Cheque /Demand Draft Payments. An Individual and Summary reports covering the Collections for the Day, Week, month or any periodicity is available. Cashier Counter Opening Cash, Closing Cash is another notable feature in this module.

           Reports Module :

This module covers all Individual & Summary reports which are available for viewing and printing purposes covering the following:

List Reports : Contains Users List, Corporate Lists, Investigation List, Referral List, and consultant List.

Corporates Summary Reports : Contains Corporate Bills Summary, and corporate Wise Investigation Bill.

Investigation Summary Report : Contains Investigation Bills Summary, Investigation Status Reports, Investigation Dues Summary, Investigation Discount Summary, Cancel Investigations Summary, and Investigation Bills Summary.

Cashier Summary Reports : Contains Day wise Cashier Summary, and Day wise Dues Summary.

Inventory Summary Reports : Contains Receiving Material Summary, Issuing History, and Discard History.

Referral Summary Reports : Contains Referral Wise Bills Summary, and Investigation Wise Referral Summary.

Insurance Summary Reports : Contains Insurance Bills Summary, Insurance Wise Investigation Bill, and Insurance Wise Dues Summary.

           Administration Module :

This module covers Srcoll No.setting, User Creation and Security Setting .

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