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Hotellect Hotel Management system utilizes a complete suite of programs to effectively manage all of your reservations, guest details, room requirements, restaurent billing and transactions. As with Hotellect, the flexibility of Hotel Management allows you to build the codes, descriptions and system functionality to best meet the specific needs of your Hotel. Hotel Management is fully integrated with the Accounting, Point Of Sale, and its easy to use features.

           Key Benefits of Hotellect

> This project aims at creating an Hotel Management system which can be used by users to reserve hotel rooms.

> Users can check the availability of rooms and facilities.

> The users can register and log into the system.

> The administrator will know the details of reservations and daily income.

           Disadvantage of existing system

> It is a time consuming process.

> There is no surety of availability of rooms.

> Paper work results in need of lot of space to keep the data.

> Lack of security.

> The manual entry of daily sales, used primarily by Restaurants who use hand written tickets.

> Chances of human errors.

           Advantage of proposed system

> To overcome the problems of manual system, online hotel management system is proposed.

> This software can manage and keep records of hotel.

> Saves time of users in quickly reserving rooms.

> Provides the information about hotel facilities.

> Very Secure.

> Offers powerful Cash and Order Billing Management of Restaurant.

> User friendly.

           Key features of Hotellect

All essential hotel management features are here
Starting from making reservations, printing invoices, and generating reports. Hotellect is an industry-level hotel management software.

Real-time synchronized work stations
Either you have one or a dozen work stations, they can all be used simultaneously. In other words, if one machine makes a change in reservation, every other machine is updated immediately.

Manage your room inventory
Hotellect remembers which guests have stayed in each one of your hotel rooms. in addition, you can write notes about them as well. Imagine how this will benefit your housekeeping and maintenance operations.

Everything is searchable
Search through your customers, bookings, and invoices.

            Hotellect screenshots

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