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Privacy Policy

Blue Chip Software (BCS) understands the value of 'clients& website users' privacy & so gives full respect & promises to protect private data & content that is given, submitted, shared & sent to us in all possible respects. As a service hosting & providing firm driven towards client's needs for offering professional & justified quality of software, BCS always remains at forefront in following & completely adapting to all the facets of privacy and its importance for companies owning a web identity. We state & explain how we follow privacy concepts, practices & terms and use your content & shared information rightfully.

Any customer, giving us their information/data/content is liable to accept all the terms, conditions & rules that is formed & included in our set Privacy Policy. Those refusing or not willing to agree to this Privacy Policy are requested to omit using this website.


Security Practices

BCS is dedicatedly committed towards protecting your information with justified, strict & acknowledged practices & terms. We do this to prevent losses, misuse, unjust practices' attempted, modifications or any other sort of destructive actions done to your information. All technological measures are ensured to secure your data.